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You Are My Constituency!

... Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't?

a student of the human condition
29 September 1978
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I'm a dreamer with ambitions and expectations higher than is probably healthy. I act, I write, I fence and I continue to barely afford an education. I live moderately but I somehow seem to maintain a happiness, albeit on the slight side of cynical.

I enjoy creativity. I encourage imagination. I believe success should not be measured by the money one makes but by the happiness they have and the virtue of wisdom.

My life scares me but I think I like it that way.

acting, adult swim, al pacino, alan cumming, american history, ancient civilizations, angels, arthur miller, arthurian legend, astronomy, beer, biographies, bruce campbell, burgess meredith, castles, cats, chuck palahniuk, classic literature, classical acting, clothing, coffee, combat choreography, comedy, conan o'brien, cowboy bebop, creative brainstorming, creative risks, curry, cuttlefish, david bowie, dostoyevsky, douglas adams, dragons, drama, dreams, edward norton, electronica, elvis costello, epic stories, ethan hawke, european fairy tales, eye patches, failure, family, fantasy, fencing, fight club, film noir, filter, football, garth ennis, george r.r. martin, gillian anderson, hamlet, harrison ford, harvey danger, icecream, independent movies, johnny depp, kevin smith, lamb, law & order, leftfield, lewis black, lightning storms, literature, loreena mckennit, lucious jackson, massive attack, masturbation, medieval history, medieval weapons, michael chiklis, mick foley, morcheeba, more cowbell, motorcycles, movies, much ado about nothing, music, mythology, nagas, neil gaiman, pearl jam, performing, pitchshifter, plays, poetry, portishead, preacher, radio, radiohead, reading, ridley scott, robert smith, robots, role playing, romance, sam waterston, sandman, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, school, sci-fi, seal, seattle seahawks, shakespeare, singing, sleeping, snakes, snoop dog, stanislovsky, star trek, star wars, steve martin, sting, swords, tea, tenacious d, tennessee williams, the beatles, the coen brothers, the cure, the night, the pixies, the simpsons, the universe, the x-files, theatre, thrift store shopping, tim burton, time cube, tom robbins, tom stoppard, tony shaloub, tori amos, transmetropolitan, traveling, tricky, trip-hop, u2, vertigo comics, vintage books, wheel of time, william shatner, wine, wolves, women, world of darkness, writing