Professional Shakespeare in the Park

Opening next week I will be performing in The Merchant of Venice, presented by Seattle's best summer Shakespeare company, Wooden O, and touring the parks in the greater Seattle area. Admission is absolutely FREE. We will be running July 11 - August 5.

"A young man's loan to impress a would be girlfriend endangers the life of his friend when the loan comes due. The price: a pound of flesh. Shylock, the embittered Jewish moneylender, seeks revenge on his Christian persecutors. Shakespeare's dynamic play illuminates both sides of the prejudicial relationships and delves into the humanity behind our stereotypes and misconceptions."

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Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus presented by Balagan Theatre.

With fourteen killings, six severed members, several rapes, a live burial, one case of insanity and one of cannibalism, the world of Shakespeare's epic Titus Andronicus is a hard one for most of us to relate to, but the world in which America was founded was no less ruthless. Balagan Theatre brings to life the legendary brutality of Titus Andronicus by setting it in our own not-so-distant past: the early American West. This bloody masterwork is presented starkly and intimately in the Capitol Hill Arts Center's Lower Level. "The United States was founded through cunning and ruthless acts inspired by greed and the lust for power," director Beth Peterson writes. "These 'olden' days have been idealized for generations, glorifying the success and ignoring the treachery of our wild ways. But as we become a more enlightened society, we seem more open to explore the ugliness of our beginnings."

WHAT: Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare, directed by Beth Peterson

WHEN: January 18th - February 3rd Thursday-Saturday performances at 7:30pm Sunday matinees at 2pm

PRICE: General: $10 in advance, $15 at the door Students, Seniors and TPS Members (w/ ID): $9 in advance, $12 at the door Balagan Theatre Season Pass - $20 (includes the 3 remaining shows – Titus Andronicus, The Equation, and The Spinning. Available only at the door).

WHERE: The Capitol Hill Arts Center - Lower Level 1621 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 for directions

TICKETS: Brown Paper Tickets or by calling 1-800-838-3006

FEATURING: Patrick Allcorn, Juniper Berolzheimer, Benjamin Dunn, Curtis Eastwood, Adam El-Sharkawi, Andy Evans, Chad Evans, Banton Foster, Heather Gautschi, Helen Harvester, Ryan Higgins, Will Hyman, Broadus Mattison, Brandon Petty, Sean Patrick Taylor, Lyam White, and Daniel Wood

Theatrical News

I realize that I mostly talk about the theatre and my experiences in it here, but I guess that's what happens when your life is wholly consumed by something. I'm not sure how I feel about that, knowing that something consumes my life so absolutely but there it is. I'm not apologetic about it nor do I have any shame in it. There is a thin line between love and obsession.

With that being said, I write to announce that I've been cast in a professional production of Titus Andronicus with brand new Balagan Theatre. I will be playing Marcus, Titus' brother and the sole voice of reason in an otherwise quite violent and brutal play. He's also only one of two principal characters to survive the events of the play. It's a great part with a goodly number of nice speeches and I'm very excited at the opportunity to play him.

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Titus Andronicus will play Jan. 18th - Feb. 3rd, Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm at the Capitol Hill Arts Center, Lower Level (1621 12th Ave, Seattle, for directions). Tickets are $9-12 in advance through (800-838-3006) or $10-15 at the door (Balagan Theatre Season Passes also available at the door). No reserved seating, no late seating. Email or call 206-718-3245 for more information.

Time Is Fluid Here

Nothing makes me doubt my accomplishments more than risky, transitionary decisions. I've always had a problem making leaps of faith. The question always becomes, Am I worthy? The question always becomes, Have I done enough? The question is, Do I trust myself? My experiences? My talent, my life, my faith.

What happens next?

I like to think I err on the side of change. But you can't take change back. How much easier would it be to be given the power of hindsight. Or the ability to erase what I've done as easily as I've erased pieces of this journal; if one line of thought doesn't go anywhere I can start all over with one that does.

And now here I sit, agonizing over a decision that will change the course of my life. And how absurd is that? That one decision made in a coffee shop on a rainy Saturday afternoon over a cold espresso will ultimate decide who I am and what I will become.

I was thinking about why I write in this journal. I write in clumps and spurts, usually when I'm dissatified with an aspect of my life or when I need to work through these tranistionary periods. I think I like the idea that I can, at any time, erase it. That in some way it gives me control. Time is fluid here.

The thing is, I already know my decision. I've chosen my path in life, which will be fraught adversity and heart break and the unknown. And triumph and enchantment and blessing.

And I will have to leave everything I know. My security and my strength. And things will change and I won't be able to take that back.

At least, though, time is fluid here.

On Appearances

One of the things about being an actor is that when you're getting regular work you essentially give over your appearance to your costume designers. Costume designers don't care what you look like in public just so long as you look like the character their mind's eye. Costume designers also don't want to do any more than they have to, so fake beards and wigs (at least for men), unless absolutely neccessary are never an approved of commodity (and don't even think about offering to do it yourself). This occasionally leads to uncomfortable and sometimes humiliating results.

Currently, I look more or less like this:

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"Fools" Opening

An undergraduate production of "Fools", by Neil Simon, is opening at the University of Washington next week.


Wed April 5th @ 7:30
Thur April 6th @ 7:30
Sat April 8th @ 7:30 & midnight
Sun April 9th @ 2:00

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO FRIDAY SHOW. It is a special performance for a specific group of students and is, in effect, sold out.

Tickets are free. To be performed at the Hillel House on the corner of NE 50th ave & 17th ave NE in the U-District.


I play Leon Tolchinsky, a young teacher who has landed a terrific job in an idyllic Russian hamlet. When he arrives he finds that the entire town for the last 200 years has been cursed with chronic stupidity. He vows to break the curse but, unknown to him, has only 24 fateful hours to do this before he, too, becomes victim to the curse.

So tell your friends and family and have them tell their friends and family. You have no excuse because it's FREE damnit!

Shut Ups

This is a quick entry to say that I will be posting again soon. Because if I don't put pressure on myself to post, then I will only procrastinate--like I have been for the last few months--and never do it.

By the way Jon, I know you're reading this but I don't know what your journal is. I could make it easy on myself and just ask you, but calling you out publically in my journal seemed a whole lot more fun.